Why choose us?

Why Choose Us?


Why choose us? Financial Distress Solutions is a division of the Rodgers Reidy Group (www.rodgersreidy.com.au) which is one of Australasia’s leading insolvency and business recovery practices. We offer comprehensive director support through our Australia-wide and international office network incorporating Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. We understand the pressures on individuals and company directors. We offer our expert advice through a free, no-obligation and confidential consultation, either in our office or at a location of your choice. Our firm of experts can offer specialist, dedicated, immediate and wide-ranging support for you and/or your business today.


In 2018, Rodgers Reidy and Financial Distress Solutions handled more than 100 new cases, including bankruptcy, liquidations and voluntary administrations, being the most common types of formal insolvency procedure within Australia. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, both formal and informal to help you, whatever your situation; our team is ready to support you anywhere across Australasia. If you’re looking for local support with a free consultation, then view our list of 7 Australian offices to find the nearest office to you. Call our confidential advice line on 1300 747 577 to speak to a specialist adviser about your options.



Free, confidential face to face meeting


Our dedicated team of Registered Insolvency Practitioners and turnaround specialists offer a FREE, confidential, no-obligation, same-day meeting for individuals, company directors or business owners facing financial distress. With 7 offices across Australia, you’re never far away from immediate advice.


Sectors we work in


Because we have more than 100 staff in 7 locations across Australia, our expertise on a local and sector-based level is unparalleled. We have specialists across a number of key industries, and we regularly present on issues affecting these sectors. If you need sector-specific assistance due to financial distress, contact Financial Distress Solutions today or simply complete the online enquiry form below.


Our people


With over 15 partners leading an expert team of over 100 people across more than 7 offices throughout Australia, our people are the driving force behind the hundreds of business turnarounds conducted by Financial Distress Solutions every year. Our team are on hand to provide fast, free, expert and confidential advice. We speak your language and explain your options in plain English. We tell you how it is, not what you want to hear. That’s why we’re one of Australia’s leading business rescue firms.

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